The interim councillors of Soroti city council storm thea town clerk office demanding their emoluments.

By Stephen Ojacor The interim councillors of Soroti city council have today stormed the office of the Town clerk Moses Otimong demanding their Sitting allowances.

The disgruntled councillors led by the interim Speaker Soroti city Isaac Elakuna criticize Otimong for being corrupt and politically led.

Isaac Elakuna spoke to Kyoga Veritas radio saying they demand to know why the Town clerk has not paid the honourable councillors their allowances for the last eight months and also to know why there are no council sittings.

“We are here to understand why the council is not sitting and we forge a way forward, secondly we are here for the benefits that Hon. Members are entitled to that have not been paid.”

Some of the honourable councillors spoke to Kyoga Veritas expressing their grievances and one had this to say.

‘We are not happy because we are not being given the opportunity to express our ideas and raise challenges our electorates are facing.”

Paul Omer currently the mayor Soroti City confirms that it is true the councillors have not received their emoluments for more than eight months neither have they had any city council meeting since July 2020 having received the City status.

“It’s true the town clerk has been dodging division councillors telling then I am going to instruct division accounting officers to remit your money but nothing has been done, and to some councillors who lost in the elections he tells that their term in the council has ended.”

However, our efforts to get responses from the Town clerk Moses Otimong who was not in his office during press time didn’t yield since his known telephone contacts were switched off.

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