Soroti Regional Referral Hospital in a crisis

By Ojacor Stepen ~ Much as the medics in Soroti Regional Referral hospital succeeded in separating the two conjoined twins that were rejected by Mulago last month, the medics have revealed that the hospital is currently in a big crisis.

The most affected departments are the theatre, mortuary and intensive care unit. The unit has been ghost existent for decades plus.

Sister Jenifer Ajilong, the head of the Theatre disclosed how difficult it is to operate in the theatre with insufficient equipment. She says the facility building needs enlargement to make the Surgeons perform operations conveniently.

Soroti Regional Referral hospital theator building
Soroti Regional Referral hospital theatre building (where the two conjoined twins were operated last month)

She further opened up to our reporter on the misery they face in the theatre with a list of equipment lacking, which among them include; the Kodiak monitoring machines, theatre warmers, Skin crafting equipment, laparotomy, sterilizing equipment and inadequate human resource.

Jackson Keem Moding, a senior Anaesthetic officer added that the hospital currently has only three operating tables, three Anesthetists and six theatre assistants which are too few to cover the overwhelming numbers of patients coming in on daily basis.

Ajilong also disclosed that, the outcry about the hospital mortuary. The mortuary is currently nonfunctional since one remaining fridge broke down last month.

“People here always get stranded with dead bodies and we do forward them to either Mbale or Lira for the preservation treatment and keeping,” she said.

Sister Sarah Gladys Alekat, currently in charge of the children’s intensive care unit challenges government to build the intensive care unit in Soroti Referral Hospital that would suit the standards of a referral health facility.

“Even this one of children that we have is not equipped, it has only lasted for one month while we use our local means of managing patients including this baby who was recently Separated [currently in the ICU],” Alekat said.

It should be noted that; the Medics in Soroti regional referral hospital last month proved their commitment, dedication, professionalism, humanity and hospitality by separating the two conjoined twins hailing from Kapelebyong District belonging to a 20-year-old Loyce Alinga after rejection by Mulago National Referral Hospital.

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