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Oila David Emojong

Oila David Young, Oops!!!!!! I know you remember that name David Young, well he’s now called David “Emojong”. David is by far one of those unmatched radio presenters in the Teso entrainment fraternity. Through his media journey, David has worked…

Paprus – The City Love Doctor

On the the social aspect, I so much love associating with people and creating new friends. I don’t keep issues even someone has done wrong to me because I have a forgiving and forgetting heart. My job is what I…

Mama Gee


Amoding Emima Grace aka Mama Gee, is an amicable & passionate media personality. She often finds herself in a company of very different people. She is selfless, always willing to help others, without hoping to get anything back. She is…

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