Security operatives in Katakwi warn the community against liaising with the Karimojong in raiding cattle

By Stephen Ojacor ~ Security operatives in Katakwi district have warned community members against liaising with the Karimojong in raiding people’s cattle.

John Stephen Ekoom the RDC Katakwi district reveals that a section of community members in the district deal with Karimojong cattle raiders and direct them on the cattle locations and routes to take after raids.

“We have got information that some people within the communities of Katakwi usually connive with the Karimojong cattle raiders providing them information where cattle are and the routes to pass already we have arrested 5 people in connection to this and are currently detained at Katakwi government prison,” Ekoom said.

He, therefore, tells the public that security operatives have committed themselves to bring them to book meanwhile at least five have already been arrested and detained in connection with cattle theft.

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