[Official Appreciation Message] Bishop’s 2nd Episcopal Anniverary Celebrations


Greetings brethren,

Allow me to thank each and everyone who supported us in organizing the Dinner which was a success, indeed our hearts were filled with great pleasure as you proved your love and commitment to grow Soroti Catholic diocese!

In a special way, I want to thank Papa Bishop and the team for entrusting SSOCCOM (Delta Radio, Kyoga Veritas Radio & Print Audio Visual Dept) with the responsibility of organizing the Dinner on their behalf.

I want to thank different leaders who financially contributed to this noble course and those who even had to attend in person. I also want to thank the different institutions, Companies,  families, Guest Speakers of the day, my colleagues (Priests) and all those individuals in your different capacities who stood with us.

Even with all the registered successes, we agree that there were a few shortfalls &gaps which we regret and pledge to improve in the near future.

To the active members of this WhatsApp group and those who kept calling to encourage us during the preparations Thank you

To all my SSOCCOM Staff keep Striving higher.

Tomorrow we shall be closing the WhatsApp group and looking forward to sharing with each and everyone again in the coming future events. Photos of the event will be shared on the Kyoga Veritas Website (kvr.ssoccom.ug)

Our Radio stations need our continued support as we also work to ensure we compete favourably.

To the different people who made pledges, we look forward to seeing you fulfil and make a commitment

Click here to download the Pictures Taken During the event.

More Photos will be uploaded here.

Thank You



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