Kumi municipality is not a training ground for incompetent town clerks – Deputy Mayor

By Vincent Emong – The deputy mayor Kumi Municipality has blasted the municipal town clerk saying, Kumi Municipality is not a training ground for incompetent town clerks.

Okello raised his disappointment during a budget council meeting for the financial year 2021/2022, where the council resolved to revert their town clerk; Mukulu Katunda.

According to Okello, this is the second town clerk who diverts funds intended for community development for their personal gains leaving the community in biting poverty.

“Mr Mukulu is just six months from Kumi municipality, he doesn’t listen to advice, something we cannot tolerate when our people are dying, and this council has resolved that this town clerk goes back to his appointing authority, we even think that the permanent secretary takes Kumi as a training ground for incompetent town clerk,” he said.

Kumi municipal councillors have accused Mukulu of several reasons which include failure to repair the two ambulances plate numbers, LG-0070-24 Toyota land cruiser and UG-0928Z land cruiser which were donated by the Ministry of Teso Affairs to Kumi health centre iv which are grounded, and also approving plans without the consent of councillors among others.

Mukulu Katunda is the fourth town clerk for Kumi municipality within a period of five years and the councillors noted that they will never tolerate any town clerk who is against development.

Meanwhile, Katunda Mukulu while begging for pardon from the councillors says, he was still understanding how the system of Kumi municipality operates and he was accused of several allegations adding that he does not have any money to repair any of the ambulances.


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