Increasing cases of early pregnancies anger authorities of Kalaki district

Justine Ecakara – Increasing cases of early pregnancies among youth have angered the local authorities of Otuboi Sub County Kalaki district.

Domenic Onyang the LC3 chairperson Otuboi sub-county, says that approximately 30% of school-going girls in Sub County have got pregnant.

“The rate at which young girls are getting pregnant is so alarming, we have recorded an incident where a girl of 12years conceived, and it is so annoying to the authorities.” He said

He also warns saying “any local council one chairperson who will be got participating in the marriage of a girl below 18 years will be arrested together with the family marrying off and both will face the wrath of the law.” He added.

He now challenges parents, guardians and the area local council one chairpersons to be responsible and ensure that semi candidate class pupils report back to school instead of getting married off at an early age.

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