High court delivers verdict on Soroti city boundaries

Soroti High Court has today Wednesday delivered its final ruling of the case filed by Soroti Municipality Member of Parliament over the alteration of Soroti City boundaries.

Recently, Hebert Edmond Ariko filed a case petitioning the electoral commission and five others including Michael Enyagu Etadu, Robert Onanyang, Stephen Erienyu and Brian Omoding for erroneously removing Aloet and Opiyai parishes from Soroti City east

Ariko wanted the judgment and orders of Hon. Justice Musene dated 26th November 2021 under the civil suit number 0029/2020 be reviewed and set aside.

However, in his final ruling today, Justice Wilson Musene ruled that Aloet and Opiya parishes belong to Soroti City East and not Soroti City West.

He ruled that the court mistakenly altered the instruments made by parliament and ordered that the electoral commission takes application in these revised rules.

“This court mistakenly altered the instrument made by parliament and so I, therefore, exercise powers of this court under section82 and 89 under the civil procedure act and section 33 of the judicature act to declare that the wards of Aloet and Opiyai are removed from Soroti city west and placed back to Soroti city east and the electoral commission is to take such appropriate action in compliance with this revised ruling.”

Yusuf Mutembile one of the lawyers who represented Hon. Ariko said those who were elected from Soroti west based on Aloet and Opiyai was null and void

“Court has given a proper position of what Soroti city west is and what Soroti city east is so we can confidently tell the general public that Aloet and Opiyai are under Soroti city east meaning that the electoral commission has to comply as per the ruling”.

Herbert Edmond Ariko was overjoyed by the court ruling saying “I went to court so that the record of posterity will remain a true record of what was passed by the relevant organs of government, I want to thank the court system of Uganda that despite attempts to intimidate they stood firm and this victory has been declared by the court is one that stands for justice.”

Meanwhile, Alobo Joan the newly elected woman Member of Parliament for Soroti City East appealed to the people of Soroti City to be calm and wait for the outcome from the electoral commission.

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