COVID-19: Following Measures are active with effect from 7th June 2021

Following Measures are active with effect from 7th June 2021

1. All schools and institutions to close for 42 days with effect from 7th June 2021.

2. All teachers MUST be fully vaccinated before they return to schools to teach.

3. Communal Prayers in mosques, churches, stadia and all other religious gatherings etc have been suspended for 42 days.

4. Public gatherings, including cultural gatherings are suspended for 42 days.

5. Travel from and to Cat A countries remains suspended

6. Agricultural activities to continue since they don’t encourage crowding

7. Factories, construction businesses shall remain open.

8. Shopping malls, supermarket, taxi parks, etc to continue while observing SOPs from MoH for 1 week and thereafter reviewed on whether they shall remain opened for the 42day period or closed.

9. Marriage ceremonies, parties and all other social gatherings will be allowed with only a maximum of 20 people with strict observance of SOPs. However, house parties have been banned.

10. Number of persons at funerals and vigils has been limited to 20 people

11. Weekly non-food markets have been suspended for 42 days including the Monthly cattle market

12. All public transport between districts has been suspended from 10th June 2021 for 42days.

13. All interdistrict travel has been banned for 42days, however, cargo trucks have been exempted with a maximum of 2 people, including registered tourist, essential, and emergency cars

14. Public transport within the same district will be allowed with strict observance of SOPs.

15. Bars, cinemas, music concerts etc will remain closed.

16. Sports activities will continue without spectators and all participants should have a negative PCR test.

17. All public places have been directed to ensure that all SOPs are implemented or else owners or managers will be liable to legal action.

18. A 30% physical presence at offices for 42 days should be implemented and the remainder of the workforce should work from home.

19. Not more than 3 people should be allowed in private vehicles. Note: private vehicles are not allowed to move from one district to another. But they can move within the same district. All passengers MUST wear masks.

20. Shopping arcades, hardware shops etc must close at 7 pm every day for the next 42days, exception will be given to pharmacies that can remain open after 7 pm.

21. Saloons, lodges and garages are allowed to open until 7 pm. But bars in lodges shall remain closed.

22. Curfew remains at 9 PM.

23. Health emergencies during curfew shall be managed on a case by case basis by the security agencies. While the RDC will coordinate this in the rural areas.

24. Bodaboda riders will continue ferrying goods/ and 1 passenger and will operate until 6 pm.

25. Anybody found flaunting COVID19 guidelines will be fined.


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