A notorious cattle thief arrested, gun recovered

By Simon Peter Egwoku – Police in Amuria Central police station, have on Tuesday arrested and detained a notorious cattle thief who has been terrorizing villages in Amuria district.

Lillian Eyal, the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Amuria district has identified the suspect as, James Engetu Edolu, a resident of Oikik village, Dokolo parish in Ogongora sub-county.

According to Eyal, Engetu was arrested last evening Enroute to Soroti with stolen animals.

She adds that after arrest, Engetu led the police up to his home where police recovered, a gun, police uniform and more of the stolen animals.

‘we arrested a cattle thief and recovered a gun, police uniform and gumboots plus we even got some of the stolen animals, I am only telling the thieves that they either back off or I get them if they want to be safe with me they leave my district and if they don’t I will get them and bring them to book.” she said

However, Samuel Eweu Oga the area LC1 Chairperson says that Engetu’s arrest has left the whole village in shock.

“We have been staying with Engetu and never suspected he had engaged himself in theft and worse more in possession of a gun, we are indeed shocked to hear this,” he said.

Engetu now faces charges of robbery and possession of a firearm and is currently detained at Amuria central police station waiting for investigations to be complete and will be arraigned in courts of law.

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